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Cameras and Sensors

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Cameras and Sensors Cameras and Sensors Cameras and Sensors As JR carries out many projects in the field of computer vision, it is essential to have sufficient equipment for capturing image data. For many applications, standard RGB cameras are sufficient, but since we also want to serve special cases, we also have NIR cameras, high-speed cameras and even the 70° LiDAR LIVOX MID-703D.

So we can use many different cameras to capture image data. For example, products from Intel like the D435f or custom-made camera solutions. The custom-made camera shown in one of the pictures is a triple camera with two RGB cameras for the left and right side and a single near-infrared (NIR) camera in the middle. The camera is controlled by the built-in Jetson Nano and captures up to 120 frames per second. Thanks to the flexible control via the Jetson Nano, special applications can be easily solved. For example, the high-speed camera can also be controlled with a Jetson Nano, and it is possible to start recording on the smartphone and view the photos on the smartphone. The TIS DMK 37BUX287 is a monochrome industrial high-speed camera, which takes up 539 frames per second. Combined with a battery in a metal housing, the camera can be for example placed directly on the weeding machine or wherever the use case requires and is powered for up to a day. The resulting images can for example be used to track soil particles or chopping tools and for calculating the speed of those moving parts.

The 70° LiDAR, LIVOX MID-703D sensor provides information in a circular field of view that extends 70.4° both horizontally and vertically. The data can be used for various applications, such as low-speed autonomous driving.