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Network of farms

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  • country: IT
  • Offered by: UNIMI
  • Service(s) using this infrastructure: Upon request


To facilitate the execution of experiments involving agricultural robots within real business settings across various regions in Italy, the University of Milan (UNIMI) has the capability to establish collaborative agreements with numerous farms. These farms operate across different sectors, including cereals, livestock, fruit and vegetables, wine production, protected crops, and general livestock breeding. UNIMI leverages an extensive network of contacts and relationships that have been cultivated over several decades as a result of successful collaborations in the realm of scientific research. This enables the university to conduct experiments that reflect real-world conditions, providing valuable insights into the practical application of robotic technology in the agricultural sector. The wide array of scientific research initiatives and collaborative efforts undertaken over the years has established a solid foundation for such cooperative enterprise. UNIMI also boasts a long-standing and fruitful collaboration with agricultural industry associations such as Coldiretti (which, with one and a half million members, is the main organization of agricultural entrepreneurs at the national level), CIA (Italian Farmers Confederation), UNCAI (National Union of Agricultural Machinery and Industrial Equipment Contractors), UIV (Italian Union of Wines), UNACMA (National Union of Agricultural Machinery Merchants), Cai Agromec (Confederation of Italian Agricultural Mechanics and Farmers), and FEDERUNACOMA (National Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers)