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The Belgian AgrifoodTEF satellite

To boost concrete impact from AI, robotics and data-driven applications that are robust in the challenging environment of the Agrifood sector, there is a need for extensive datasets, a representative test environment and specific know-how. The AgrifoodTEF node Flanders creates the physical and digital infrastructure that assists the stakeholders in their innovations by providing a testing facility, data accessibility and a wide range of services to speed-up the deployment of market-ready AI and robotic solutions.


The Flemish institute for agricultural, food and fisheries research (ILVO) is leading the Belgian AgrifoodTEF satellite.

Here you can see a short presentation of the Belgian AgrifoodTEF satellite by their coordinator Jürgen Vangeyte.


The following services can be offered by this AgrifoodTEF satellite



The following infrastructure can be offered by this AgrifoodTEF satellite