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Manual Sensor Platforms

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Manual Sensor Platforms Manual Sensor Platforms In the field of ML/AI, a large amount of data is particularly often required. To make the collection of data more efficient and achieve more consistency, we developed two manually controlled sensor platforms. The unicycle, which is pushed by hand, was built to simulate a tractor ride and take pictures in the field. The images can be used, for example, to train row recognition algorithms. Cameras can be mounted on the top of the unicycle and a battery can be mounted on the unicycle. Capturing images with this unicycle is a fast and very flexible method. You can decide directly on the field which images are interesting for your purpose and take them. However, due to the space-saving design, which is very practical for transport in a car, only a limited number of sensors can be attached.

If extensive sensor equipment with power supply is required, the four-wheeled platform is the means of choice and enables mobile use. This platform can, for example, also accommodate a laptop for direct evaluation of the data.