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NIRS equipment

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NIRS equipment 0 NIRS equipment 1 NIRS equipment 3 NIRS equipment 4 NIRS equipment 5 NIRS equipment 7 NIRS equipment 9 NIRS equipment 10 NIRS equipment 11 The University of Córdoba has in its infrastructure equipment with NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) technology for the characterization and categorization of different agri-food products. These tools can be used in the validation or testing of agri-food products or services. Among these equipments are:

NIRS Instrumentation:

  • Portable FT-NIR NeoSpectra equipment with rotator cup (1350-2550 nm).
  • AlbaNIT (900-1700 nm) and AlbaNIT+ (1350-2150 nm) portable instruments for liquid analysis.
  • Prototype handheld multi-mode point spectroscopy system (Fluorescence-VIS-NIR) developed by INSION GmbH.
  • SCio microspectrometer (740-1070 nm).
  • MicroNIR 1700 microspectrometer (910-1676 nm), Viavi.
  • NIR4farm microspectrometer (910-1676 nm), Aunir.
  • Portable diode array Aurora equipment (900-1700 nm).
  • AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-TEC equipment (1040-1740 nm) equipped with a small-diameter fiber optic probe (7 x 200 um).
  • MEMS PHAZIR 2400 equipment (1600-2400 nm).
  • MEMS MICROPHAZIR equipment (1600-2400 nm).
  • FT-NIR process spectrometer MATRIX-F II Duplex equipped with a NIR sensor head for non-contact analysis, a transmission probe for immersion and a NIR transflection probe (834-2500 nm).
  • FT-NIR Multichannel Matrix F equipment (Bruker Optics) equipped with a reflectance analysis head and a transmission probe (834-2500 nm).
  • Perten DA-7440 diode array equipment (950-1650 nm) for online analysis.
  • Quant FT-NIR benchtop equipment with 5 different accesories for analyzing different kind of samples (670-2700 nm).
  • Perten DA-7000 diode array equipment (400-1700 nm).
  • CORONA diode array equipment (380-1690 nm).

Hyperspectral Cameras:

  • Hyperspectral camera XENICS, SPECIM (950-1650 nm).
  • Specim ImSpectror conveyor belt 2 x 250 W spotlights.
  • Fluorescence sources.
  • Hyperspectral camera Headwall Photonics Micro-Hyperspec ® NIR X series (900 – 1700 nm).
  • BaySpec OCI™ Ultra-compact Hyperspectral Camera (600 -1000 nm).
  • LucaEM R 604 Casa Comercial: Andor technology

Other equipment:

  • 2 Probes designed ad hoc for NIRS analysis of solids at industrial plant reception.
  • 1 Probe designed ad hoc for NIRS analysis of liquids in tanks at industrial plant reception.
  • Three-axis industrial-scale robotic arm.
  • Three-axis laboratory-scale robotic arm.
  • STB40E conveyor belt of 2 m length and 25 cm width with extreme drive, nominal speed of 9 m/min, and frequency inverter.
  • Sets of optical fibers of 5, 50, and 100 m.
  • References for NIRS sensors.
  • Refrigeration chambers for conservation of material at 5°C and at -20°C.
  • Vacuum packaging machine and packaging material (multilayer bags of aluminum and PET).