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ARPA PC2 - Qualification of trajectory execution accuracy of livestock robots (in-door & out-door mobility).

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ARPA PC2 - Qualification of trajectory execution accuracy of livestock robots (in-door & out-door mobility).

Version: 1.9

  • livestock farming
  • test design
  • test setup
  • test execution
  • collection of test data
  • performance evaluation
  • physical system
  • other (including: nothing)
  • Location: in France
  • Offered by: INRAE



This test assesses the dynamic accuracy of robot trajectory tracking for livestock farming.

In particular, the test evaluates the accuracy of execution of a typical proposed path, incorporating i) representative sections of various work phases, ii) diverse building configurations and transition zones, and iii) other types of disturbance.

The machine executes a circuitous trajectory made up of paths inside buildings and outdoors, representative of a traditional ""farmyard"" mission. Montoldre experimental site is equipped with a diverse set of infrastructures and transition zones, enabling the robot’s precision in executing the trajectory to be assessed, as well as the various on-board safety devices.

The route to be taken and the different areas to be covered are defined by the customer according to the robot's use. In addition to the different features provided by the various infrastructures, additional artificial disruptors can be introduced on request.

This test is monitored using a reference positioning system (laser tracker), which makes it possible to obtain the robot's actual trajectory, speed and position with a very high degree of accuracy (1/10 mm) throughout the selected test circuit (inside and outside buildings, inside-outside transition zones). The machine's dynamic behaviour is recorded during the test. The tests are repeated at least 3 times per modality.

A technical representative from the robot manufacturer must be present during the test to configure the system to be tested appropriately, check that it is operating correctly, allow information to be checked and attend the testing.
Technical and user manuals must be supplied in advance by the manufacturer to prepare the tests and compile the test report.

This test service is provided by INRAE - TSCF - AgroTechnoPôle, with SHERPA Engineering, as Test Operator, using the resources available at the Montoldre site In France."