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Test fields and tractors

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Test fields and tractors For ML/AI developments in the field of agriculture, it is very important that they can be tested accordingly in practice. And it is precisely for such practical tests that JR is ideally positioned. Directly behind our office building there is a field with 4.8ha, which can be fully used for tests. Depending on the requirements, different crops can be grown on this field. However, this is by far not our only field. We have access to numerous fields and grasslands in Wieselburg and around Wieselburg. In cooperation with local farmers, even more areas and more diverse crops can be tested. Even the vineyard of the school HBLFA Franciso Josephinum can be used to perform tests in the field of viticulture.

Of course, JR also has some tractors available directly on the premises. These can be used for all kinds of tests and for pulling machines. Depending on the requirements, a suitable tractor can be selected.

Thus, ML/AI developments at JR can be excellently tested and improved in a practical way under many different conditions.