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Assessment of environmental impacts when applying digital technologies in agriculture

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Based on the main agronomic impact of the use of the technology, environmental impacts are recorded using criteria or indicators in an environmental assessment matrix

Version: 1.9

  • arable farming
  • livestock farming
  • desk assessment
  • LCA assessment
  • data
  • Location: at user's premises, in Austria, remote
  • Offered by: RGRD



Image of Service This service offers a comprehensive assessment of digital technologies in agriculture, focusing on their environmental impact. It includes:

Assessment of Environmental Criteria in Resource Efficiency: Utilizing a script-based expert assessment and a published environmental assessment matrix. Technology characterisation requires input data.
Assessment in Production Sufficiency: This also follows a script-based expert assessment with environmental assessment matrix, needing input data for technology characterisation.
Assessment in Ecological Resilience and Ecosystem Consistency: Both areas use a similar method of script-based expert assessment with a detailed environmental assessment matrix.

Evaluation of Animal Welfare for Digital Tools: Conducted through extensive literature research and scientific expertise.
This structured approach ensures a thorough and precise evaluation of digital technologies in agriculture, guiding companies in environmentally sustainable practices.