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Field trial equipment

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Field trial equipment Field trial equipment Field trial equipment For numerous tests or for the generation of training data, it is important that the collection of data is done consistently. We have developed solutions for the collection of grassland biomass and for the determination of land cover in a certain area. The Aruco-Frame is 120cm long and 57cm wide and it used to determine the land cover in a certain area. It has six different Aruco Markers on it. Each marker measures 10,5cm by 10,5cm excluding the white border around the marker. The purpose of the Frame is to get images of the ground with standard properties and without optical distortion. The exact positions of the markers are stored in an XML file, which can be used to rectify the image. The resulting images can be used for crop or weed detection. The set for taking grassland samples is used for measuring the weight of biomass grassland samples in a certain area and consists of:

  • Aluminium frame (145cm long and 60cm wide) lying on the ground

  • Makita hedge trimmer (cutting length: 60cm, 18V battery) used for cutting the grass horizontally at the aluminium frame

  • Black plastic plane (185cmx185cm), where the cut grass is put on

  • Kern HDB 5K5N Hanging scale, to weigh the plastic plane with the grass

  • Handheld-RTK, to get the current GPS-Position

  • Mobile phone, to save the current GPS-Position and the weight of the plastic plane and the grass

  • A lot of freezer bags, to take on small samples of the cut grass to the laboratory for drying