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Az. Agr. Cascina Baciocca, Cornaredo (Mi)

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  • country: IT
  • Offered by: UNIMI
  • Service(s) using this infrastructure: Upon request


Cascina Baciocca Cascina Baciocca Cascina Baciocca Cascina Baciocca Cascina Baciocca

Cascina Baciocca is a purely experimental farm dedicated at the production of cereals, goat's milk and marginally also at the production of trees (for high quality wood and for the production of mulberry leaves used for preparing feed for silkworms).

In this farm, small-scale experiments are also conducted for the production of high-quality goat milk, with a herd of approximately 40 goats. The innovative milking parlor allows real-time monitoring of various milk quality parameters, also aimed at early detection of any health issues related to the individual animals. The farm cultivates an area of about 23 hectares, entirely fenced and we have as a research group the availability of a large warehouse with offices and laboratories for the shelter of tools and equipment. For this reason, in this company, in June 2023, the ACRE competition took place. This was a competition among robots involving autonomous weeding tests, mapping, and vegetation recognition using artificial intelligence.