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Testing of spot spraying performance

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Testing of spot spraying performance

Version: 1.9

  • arable farming
  • horticulture
  • test design
  • test setup
  • test execution
  • collection of test data
  • performance evaluation
  • physical system
  • Location: at user’s premises, in Austria
  • Offered by: JR



This spot spraying test makes it possible to determine the area sprayed with liquid in relation to the crop. A tracer liquid is mixed with the spraying liquid. This tracer liquid is very thin and does not influence the spraying process. Once the spraying is completed, the distribution pattern of the liquid is recorded. This immediate documentation is crucial as it captures the exact spread of the liquid on the crops, weeds, and soil. The recorded data then undergoes a thorough analysis to understand how effectively and precisely the liquid is applied in relation to the target areas, which includes differentiating between crops, weeds and soil. In addition to visualizing the sprayed liquid, the effect of herbicides can be measured directly some time after application.