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Vinnopole Sud Ouest

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Vinnopole Sud Ouest The South-West centre of the IFV is located in the Gaillac vineyard. Also known as V'Innopole Sud-Ouest, it is a modern complex built in 2003 including a mini-vinification cellar (400 vintages per year), a vinification cellar with a larger capacity (vat room of 30 to 50 hl), a 130 m2 laboratory and a 15-hectare vineyard dedicated to experimentation. This state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to carry out specific studies to design and test innovations. Our technology halls contain all the tools for wine processing. In our workshop we can store up to four robots. Our 15 hectares vineyard can support a great variety of experimentations with robots, sensors, soil mapping and so on. These facilities are a powerful technology transfer tool, and allow the implementation of tests of new equipment or new processes intended for the progress of wine companies in the South-West.

Labelled DigiFerme® since 2018, the V'Innopole Sud-Ouest is part of the logic of "farm labs", open and collaborative for:

  • the implementation of "digital management" of production, by combining existing tools and techniques.

  • the development of digital tools that are directly operational on farms

  • testing tools and prototypes offered by external companies.

  • the Ideas Incubator, offering digital innovation players an open, collaborative and relevant "playground" to refine their concepts.

Our main missions are as follows:

  • Engineering: we develop and obtain technical references adapted to modern viticulture with a 4 to 5 year anticipation to meet the expectations of tomorrow's winegrowers.

  • Technology transfer centre: we work with fundamental research centres in Toulouse and abroad.

  • Connection to the IFV national network for each subject of study.