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The Dutch AgrifoodTEF satellite

WUR aims to strengthen its international standing in AI, data, and robotics in the agrifood sector. It views agrifoodTEF as an opportunity to enhance its experimental facilities. WUR recognizes the importance of ethical, legal, and social contexts in technological solutions. The Dutch Satellite is both market and science-driven, operating within Wageningen Research and Wageningen University.

While WUR covers various topics and sectors, agrifoodTEF primarily focuses on AI and robotic solutions for arable and livestock farming. It specializes in testing new farming systems based on Agro Ecological principles. These principles emphasize ecological farming practices integrating interdisciplinary knowledge, including AI and robotics. The Farm of the Future (arable), De Marke (livestock), and Agro Food Robotics are instrumental in this research. WUR acknowledges the necessity of a virtual testing environment to complement its physical facilities. This virtual space enables controlled experimentation, leveraging simulations, AI pipelines, and digital twins, minimizing reliance on external factors. WUR invests in both the physical TEF and the virtual test environment. Furthermore, WUR prioritizes addressing ethical, legal, and social aspects, recognizing the need for transparency and openness in technological innovation. The ELSA lab plays a pivotal role in this.


The Dutch AgrifoodTEF satellite is lead by Wageningen University and Research.

Here you can see a short presentation of the Dutch AgrifoodTEF satellite by their coordinator Kees Lokhorst.


The following services can be offered by this AgrifoodTEF satellite



The following infrastructure can be offered by this AgrifoodTEF satellite