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Testing of weeding performance

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Testing of weeding performance

Version: 1.9

  • arable farming
  • horticulture
  • tree crops
  • viticulture
  • test design
  • test setup
  • test execution
  • collection of test data
  • performance evaluation
  • physical system
  • software or AI model
  • Location: at user’s premises, in Austria
  • Offered by: JR



Image of Service This service tests the performance of a AI based weeding system. The service includes a field trial and its assessment. In the course of the field trial, the meta-parameters such as soil parameters, soil moisture, weather conditions, etc. are recorded before the system performs its task. Additionally, the crop (crop/weeds) is assessed manually or with an automated tool. After the weeding process, the crop data is recorded again.
JR can provide fields for the trials but also external trials can be accompanied. The result of the service gives objective insight into systems performance and possible edge cases.