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RISE robotic electric test platform Drever

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  • country: SE
  • Offered by: RISE
  • Service(s) using this infrastructure: SE_0005, SE_0009, SE_0013, SE_0017, SE_0031, SE_0033


RISE robotic electric test platform Drever

At testbed Digitalised agriculture there is a machine prototype with electric driveline available for services. The robot platform has a prototype battery swap system, weighs 5 tonnes, can pull implements (no three-point linkage at this point), hydraulic system for control of implements. The machine has a prototype navigation system that can be manipulated as needed.

The base for the Swedish engagement in agrifoodTEF is the RISE Testbed Digitalized Agriculture aiming to strengthen its role as a facility for development, test and demo of products and services for agriculture and food production based on digitalisation, robotics and AI representing farming and food production in the Nordics. The satellite is hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden together with AstaZero.