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Food Processing Pilot Plant

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Food Processing Pilot Plant 0 Food Processing Pilot Plant 1 Food Processing Pilot Plant 2 The Food Processing Pilot Plant is a laboratory equiped to obtain safe, healthy and attractive ingredients and food for consumers through sustainable and intelligent transformation and conservation processes. Its objective is to allow companies and research groups to carry out pilot scale trials, aimed at the development of food products, including a detailed study of the needs to develop food processing procedures, the manufacture of prototypes and their packaging and labeling. Examples of services carried out at the plant are the preparation, manufacture or transformation of ready-to-eat peeled and cut vegetables (IV Range), refrigerated ready meals (V Range) and restructured foods (VI Range). Also to carry out tests by stages or different phases of processing, including storage, refrigeration of final product or the study of shelf life.

The plant equipmente includes:

  • An industrial kitchen equipped for the development of innovative gastronomic products.
  • A food processing room, equipped with cleaning equipment, size reduction and homogenization of food ingredients.
  • Systems for the application of cooking-pasteurization and cooking-sterilization processes.
  • Non-thermal processing technologies, including electrical pulses, ultrasound or light pulses.
  • A wet double spindle extruder, for texturing amylaceous products and for obtaining protein analogues of animal origin from plant sources.
  • A food packaging room, equipped with systems for vacuum packaging and in a protective atmosphere.