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AI Integration - Predictive System

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Assist in developing a predictive system for arable crops and animal farming

Version: 1.9

  • arable farming
  • horticulture
  • greenhouse
  • tree crops
  • viticulture
  • test design
  • test setup
  • test execution
  • collection of test data
  • performance evaluation
  • provision of datasets
  • data augmentation
  • data analysis
  • AI model training
  • people training
  • software or AI model
  • data
  • design / documentation
  • Location: in Poland, remote
  • Offered by: PSNC, L-PIT



This service assists in the development and enhancement of predictive systems for arable crops and animal farming, leveraging the modification and fine-tuning of existing models. It focuses on integrating these systems with the latest data interfaces and communication standards to ensure seamless functionality. Additionally, the service includes the implementation and continuous improvement of intelligent decision-making systems, driven by artificial intelligence models. These systems are designed to adapt their behavior based on new data inputs and functional requirements, enhancing their decision-making capabilities. The goal is to develop robust, adaptive decision systems that support efficient and informed agricultural management.