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Irrigation facilities at Rabanales Experimental Farm

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Irrigation facilities at Rabanales Experimental Farm 0 Irrigation facilities at Rabanales Experimental Farm 1 The irrigation facility located at the "Rabanales Experimental Farm" features boasts unique features that make it especially suitable for testing or validating various agri-food products or services. It stands out in Europe for incorporating vision and artificial intelligence into its system for variable irrigation and input distribution. The field's irrigation installations or equipment comprise:

A pivot which, in its final section, is equipped with a precision corner. This automatically adjusts to the shape of the plot, opening or closing emitters via solenoid valves controlled by GPS RTK signals.

A linear, forward-moving system, specifically designed for variable irrigation. It focuses on applying only the necessary amount of water for the crop at each point. This system allows for the variation of the water dose applied every two emitters, through the loading of irrigation prescription maps generated from satellite data, soil mappings, and/or crop mappings. It is noteworthy that it is the first equipment installed in the world with these features.

Both systems are controlled by remote sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity, as well as wind, precipitation, and radiation. This allows for the optimization of irrigation schedules, ensuring the total utilization of the applied water.