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Hyperspectral technology lab

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Hyperspectral technology lab

Hyperspectral technology can be useful for many different applications in agrifood processing, for determining raw product quality, product quality, defects, for grading or sorting, etc. By linking spectral and spatial information to reference data, chemometric models can be built for estimating product parameters in real-time. Different technologies are available for testing, ranging from spectrometers that can be combined with different probes, hyperspectral cameras, FTNIRS for solid or liquid matrices. Also, different multispectral devices are available for testing. Through the use of different types of hyperspectral technology, covering a wide range of wavelengths, it is possible to evaluate the feasibility to use this technology for specific applications or products. Furthermore, the data can be resampled to existing or build-for-purpose multispectral devices to estimate the performance of these more cost-efficient or more robust solutions in more challenging environments. We can support a reliable workflow that from sensor data to model output, and can provide support towards the integration of this technology in new or existing machines.