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RISE Testbed Digitalised Agriculture

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  • country: SE
  • Offered by: RISE
  • Service(s) using this infrastructure: SE_0005, SE_0007, SE_0009, SE_0011, SE_0013, SE_0016, SE_0017, SE_0018, SE_0019, SE_0023, SE_0031, SE_0032, SE_0033


RISE Testbed Digitalised Agriculture

RISE Testbed Digitalized Agriculture in Uppsala is operated by the RISE agri-food department and is the base for the Swedish satellite in agrifoodTEF. The testbed is a combined experimental farm and innovation arena focusing on new technology for agriculture: Connected fields with different crops and infrastructure to collect and analyse large amounts of data from the farm's production system; development, test, and demo of autonomous and electric farm machinery with capability to build machines in prototype workshop. The testbed is coordinated by RISE and started 2019 with 18 partners like Ericsson, Federation of Swedish farmers, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Swedish Board of Agriculture, Yara, Lantmannen, and SMEs.

  • Spring 2024 5G Edge will be installed together with North Star Innovation net run by Swedish operator Telia and Ericsson with 5G capabilities not yet in the public 5G.

  • During 2024 the goal is to set up a regulatory sandbox and test tracks for autonomous electric agricultural machines at the testbed.

The base for the Swedish engagement in agrifoodTEF is the RISE Testbed Digitalized Agriculture aiming to strengthen its role as a facility for development, test and demo of products and services for agriculture and food production based on digitalisation, robotics and AI representing farming and food production in the Nordics. The satellite is hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden together with AstaZero.