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Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm

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Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 0 Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 1 Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 2 Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 3 Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 4 Agricultural Machinery Rabanales Experimental Farm 5 The "Rabanales Experimental Farm" boasts a wide range of agricultural machinery available for the validation or testing of agri-food products or services. The inventory includes:

  • Five tractors equipped with instrumentation and monitoring, and automatic guidance systems.

  • A specialized tractor for steep terrain, featuring automated leveling systems, adjustable track width and center of gravity, as well as load measurement and recording for each tire, and a predictive system for vehicle stability level.

  • Direct seeders for dribble and precision sowing, equipped with fertilizing systems.

  • A variable seeder for site-specific seed dosing.

  • Precision fertilizers.

  • Atomizers equipped with sectorization system and intelligent dosing systems, based on sensors, artificial vision, and artificial intelligence.

  • A digital system for the analysis of dynamic signals.

  • Dosaolivar, intelligent dosing systems for phytosanitary products specific to olive groves.

  • Iolivetrack, a cloud-based “field to industry to consumer” traceability system, specific for olive groves.

  • Monitors designed for olive harvesters.

  • An ISO certification system aimed at sustainable crop production.

  • Technology for remote crop monitoring and the creation of variable input distribution maps.

  • Instrumented trunk shakers with automatic trunk detection.

  • Harvesters for olive groves and citrus, equipped with cup shakers and harvest monitoring and tracking systems.

  • Treatment bars, one of which has a weed detection system and variable application.

  • Remote tracking systems for tractors, as well as equipment and technology for the traceability and monitoring of all cultivation, harvesting, and post-harvest operations.

  • A mechatronics laboratory.

  • Mobile brakes for in-field evaluation of tractors in use.

  • A mobile system for the evaluation of equipment used in the application of phytosanitary products.

  • Instrumentation for the measurement and analysis of noise, vibrations, and temperature.

  • High-speed cameras and a test pole for trunk shakers.

  • A probe for measuring soil properties.

  • An RTK signal correction system.