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Rabanales Experimental Farm

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Rabanales Experimental Farm 0 Rabanales Experimental Farm 1 The "Rabanales Experimental Farm," located 7 km east of Córdoba, Spain, with approximately 200 of surface, includes extensive crops, and woody ones like pistachio and olive. This experimental farm is equipped with:

Robotic Machinery: At the "Rabanales Experimental Farm", there is an agricultural facility equipped for conducting trials with agricultural machinery, including tractors with automatic guidance systems, robotic quads, and various pieces of advanced agricultural machinery, some of which are robotic and feature variable or precision distribution technology.

Precision Irrigation: Additionally, the farm's irrigation infrastructure includes ponds and automated pumping equipment adjustable by solar energy, featuring unique characteristics in Europe incorporating vision and artificial intelligence for adaptive irrigation and input distribution. A robotic pivot, equipped with a precision system for adaptive irrigation and a linear move front for variable irrigation, stands out for its ability to adjust water and input distribution based on the specific needs of each crop, utilizing data obtained from satellites and soil analysis. These systems are monitored by remote sensors that measure critical variables such as soil moisture, temperature, electrical conductivity, precipitation, and radiation, thus optimizing water use and ensuring its maximum utilization.

UAVs Equipment: Furthermore, there are several drones equipped with cameras adapted for various functions, such as capturing hyperspectral, thermographic, visible, slow-motion, and LiDAR images. Together with a network of automated and manual sensors, this allows for detailed monitoring of cultivation conditions and the assessment of machinery efficiency, including moisture probes and georeferenced penetrometers for comprehensive soil analysis.

Fruit Growing: The Rabanales Experimental Farm also includes 30 hectares dedicated to research in fruit cultivation and crop nurseries, with an advanced irrigation system powered by photovoltaic energy. This system, remotely monitored via fiber optic connection, enables precise and efficient management of water and nutritional resources.

An area to experimentation with agricultural IoT nodes, complementing the spaces in shade houses and greenhouses on the farm.

Other Infrastructure: Moreover, the farm hosts olive variety and germplasm banks, over 4,000 m² of greenhouses for experimentation under different climatic conditions, experimental forests with various species of Quercus and Pines, as well as forest areas. The livestock facilities complement the farm's infrastructure.