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Laboratory of plant genomics

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Laboratory of plant genomics 0 Laboratory of plant genomics 1 This laboratory offers the following kind of services:

  • Plant genomic DNA extraction
  • PCR (Genotyping, SSRs, ESTs, CAPs,...)
  • Horizontal electrophoresis (agarose gels)
  • Vertical electrophoresis (acrylamide gels)
  • Analysis of DNA fragments with ABI3130 and construction of databases with GeneMaper
  • Determination of beta-glucan content in barley samples
  • Determination of varietal purity

The laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out the previous services, among others:

  • Genetic Analyzer ABI 3130
  • Thermocyclers
  • Table top centrifuge (6000 rpm)
  • Microcentrifuges
  • Horizontal electrophoresis systems
  • Vertical electrophoresis systems
  • Hybridization oven
  • UV light transilluminator
  • scanner