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Sliding frame for row detection of crops

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Manual Sensor Platforms After ML/AI models pass the controlled and simplified tests in the office, they must also be tested in real-world environments. This is because special cases often occur in these real-world-tests, or simply something that cannot be taken into account in the office happens on the field. For such cases we have developed a sliding frame. This sliding frame can be used to test the row detection of crops during a tractor ride on the field. Furthermore, with the hydraulically controlled sliding pistons on the left side, two row-keeping algorithms can be tested. With this sliding frame, two separate systems for row detection and row keeping can be tested simultaneously. On the outer left edge of the sliding frame, the cameras are mounted. The computing units can be placed in the middle of the frame directly behind the tractor. In addition to the two systems, a Jetson Nano is installed on the sliding frame, which tracks the current GPS Position, the time, and the position of the two pistons. This data can be used to compare the systems.