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Lab equipment

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Lab equipment For almost all ML/AI models it is important to have accurate training and test data. For such cases JR has some laboratory equipment. For more extensive tests, some more equipment can be used in cooperation with BLT. BLT Wieselburg has decades of experience in testing agricultural machinery and biomass. It has numerous test benches to test engines and hydraulics of tractors, for example, or its own traction line to measure traction power. It is also an accredited test facility for protective structures and devices and an OECD approved test facility. Since JR and BLT are located at the same site and partly share buildings, the cooperation works smoothly.

In agriculture, the dry matter content of plants often plays an important role. To determine this, JR has accurate scales on the one hand and drying ovens such as the Binder FD 260 on the other. These data are, for example, the basis for models to depict biomass growth in grassland.

The purchase of an elemental analyzer is also planned. With it the chemical composition of samples can be examined. Thus still other models should become possible.