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Datasets - provision / archiving

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This service provides data management for systems under test and IoT in agriculture, including data collection, documentation, and ground truth data. It offers data storage, quality audits, and cloud database support to ensure data integrity and reproducibility.

Version: 1.9

  • arable farming
  • horticulture
  • greenhouse
  • tree crops
  • viticulture
  • desk assessment
  • collection of test data
  • provision of datasets
  • data analysis
  • data
  • design / documentation
  • other (including: nothing)
  • Location: in Poland
  • Offered by: L-PIT, PSNC



This service offers comprehensive data management solutions tailored to enhance the reliability and reproducibility of datasets collected from various technical infrastructures, including systems under test and IoT sensors deployed in agricultural settings. It encompasses the systematic collection of data generated by these systems, alongside meticulous gathering of ground truth data. Additionally, the service includes curating detailed documentation that outlines the features of the logged data and provides essential information to ensure test reproducibility. To support the integrity and accessibility of the collected data, the service offers ample disk space for data storage, conducts quality audits of the datasets, and provides a cloud database service equipped with dedicated support and advisory. This holistic approach ensures that datasets are not only robust and comprehensive but also maintained in a state-of-the-art data management system.