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Drones Drones are becoming increasingly important for many applications in agriculture. Especially in the field of ML/AI, drones enable a large number of new applications. For example, it is relatively easy to collect data for training specific models. Or evaluations of the plant population of an entire field can be easily created based on the drone data. Another exciting application is counting and identifying individual plants. In this way, the weed pressure can be determined on the basis of the drone data. This makes it possible to make before-and-after comparisons of hoeing equipment. For these reasons, JR has several drones in its repertoire. Among them are drones with multispectral cameras (DJI Phantom 4 Mulitspectral) or drones with RTK modules (DJI Mavic 3T). The right drone can be selected depending on the application. In addition to the standard flight routes of the drones, we have developed a method to automatically generate random points on the desired field. From this, a flight route is automatically generated, which can be flown as often as desired. In this way, all the specific features of an entire field can be mapped very quickly without having to obtain a large number of very similar data.