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AI-driven LCA-analysis during food processing

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Perform automated AI-driven LCA-analysis during food processing to provide information on process energy consumption

Version: 1.9

  • food processing
  • LCA assessment
  • data
  • other (including: nothing)
  • Location: in Belgium
  • Offered by: ILVO



Food production and processing is known to have high environmental impacts. Life cycle analysis (LCA) is a standardised methodology to assess the environmental performance of products and production processes. Various innovative production processes are being developed over the past years in food processing. The environmental performance of innovative and emerging technologies is usually assessed at lab scale or pilot scale. The translation into environmental impact at industrial scale is challenging. With our vast experience in LCA and food processing and equipped with over 60 pilot scale food processing devices (both well-established and innovative), we can perform LCAs food products and processes and give meaningful insights so that processes, ingredients, settings can be optimised to minimise environmental impacts.